Processes Improvement Workshop


Process Improvement Workshop

Process Management

Our Approach is about marrying the process management theory with implementation. The purpose of this workshop is to develop process management knowledge & ability both for the managers’ team and the staff in order to support customer centric philosophy and team spirit culture throughout the organization. An extra emphasis to Change management, project management and cost benefit analysis will be given.


  • People Development in Process Improvement Methodology (Initiation, Planning and Execution)
  • Practice in Process Mapping
  • Facilitate the realization of a new management mindset based on cross functional collaboration
  • Roles clarification, and commitment
  • Cost Benefit Analysis as a decision making tool
  • Process performance measurement for improvement


Workshop Contents:

1st Day

A. Introduction

What is a process?
Process organization
Who owns processes?
What is process improvement?
How does process improvement benefit the organization?
How does an organization get started on process improvement?
What’s in the Basic Process Improvement Model?
Change Management Principles

B. Process Mapping

As Is Process Mapping
Process Data Collection
Process Evaluation

C. Process Improvement

Select a process and establish the process improvement objective
Organize the “right” team
Flowchart the current process
Simplify the process and make changes
Cost Benefit Analysis
Develop a data collection plan and collect baseline data
Is the process stable & capable?
Plan to implement the process change
Test the change and collect data
Did the process improve?
Forms for process improvement steps

2nd Day

Mapping selected real Processes (Real Cases)
Proposals for Process Improvement (Real Case)
Project Plan for a change

If you can’t describe what you are doing as a process, you don’t know what you are doing.                                                              W.E.Deming

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