Project Management Workshop


Project Management Workshop


Project Management

   The art and science, of converting Vision into Reality

Our approach to planning & organizing competency development is about marrying the project management theory, according to PMBOK®-PMI (process-methodology) with implementation.

The purpose of this 2-day workshop is to develop project management ability, both for the managers and the project teams in order to achieve, team spirit culture & cross functional approach throughout the organization.


  • People Development in Project Management Methodology.
  • Practice in Project Planning.
  • Facilitate the realization of a new management mindset based on cross functional collaboration.
  • Prioritization of goals and business objectives.
  • Roles clarification, and commitment.

Before the Workshop, the content is customized in part, to the specific needs of the company, mainly to the degree of flexibility (agile) which is necessary in order to reach the maximum efficiency of resources management and this is related to the culture and the industry.


The ability to design and implement projects on Time, Cost and Quality is crucial for the operation and survival of any business.



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Need analytic planning, excellent business processes and reliable measurements