Sales Organization & Management Workshop

Sales  Organization & Management Workshop


Purpose of the Workshop:

 The acquisition of knowledge and skills through interactive educational practices that contribute to the effective shaping and management of the marketing strategy and organization, to maximize the performance of the Sales Department.

The ingredients:

  1. Commercial Organization
    •         Organizational structure
    •         Commercial Strategy
    •         Marketing Plan
    •         CRM Merchandising
    •         Key Account Planning
    •         Sales People Coaching
  1. Commercial Management
    •         Commercial Policy Planning
    •         Credit policy
    •         Commercial Reporting Principles and models
  1. Sales Organization & Management
    •         Sales Processes & Roles
    •         Commercial Channel Design
    •         Market Coverage
    •         Sales Presentation


Participants: Sales department executives. 

At the end of the program participants will be able to:
  • Understand that sales organization is as important as the product they sell.
  • Understand how the overall service provided can exceed the customer’s expectations.
  • Organize &Participate in the sales team for goals and results.
  • Implement their role correctly understanding the importance and requirements.
  • Demonstrate the necessary managerial ability by building a fully committed and efficient team of employees.


The implementation of the program will be preceded by a needs analysis & adaptation to the needs and particularities of the company.

Duration: 16 hours (2×8  or   4×4)



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