Turn your Business Strategy into Daily Action

Turning Business Strategy into Projects


The Strategy is implemented, by transforming it into a Project Portfolio / Program.


Everything in Business Planning is determined by the Vision and the Long and Short Term, Corporate Goals. Once the short-term – Annual Goal Setting is completed, the Strategies for achieving the goals take the floor.

The Strategic decisions and Initiatives are implemented only by their conversion into Projects, designed in detail, with the appropriate resources available.

The Projects Implementation, as they have been formulated to implement the Strategy, will be a key priority of the Management Team, which will also be the Steering Committee of the Program.

The plan always includes, small or large changes in procedures, responsibilities, tools or policies. This is confirmed by: Management is Change Management.

For a successful transition from strategy to project program, the company must have:

  • A Common approach and agreement on what needs to change and why.

This must be clearly supported by the management team.

  • A common language for analyzing and describing requirements, based on a common understanding of business processes among all.
  • Agreed responsibilities and clear procedures involving users in design, solution selection and decision making.

Each project must have a mission, and aim for the on time delivery of a small or large benefit, part of the Strategic Decisions.

This mission identifies the requirements and clarify  the purpose.

The objectives determine the success criteria of the project.

A well-designed project program with systematic Progress reporting, workgroups with support and plan and always motivated, can accomplish a great result.

We can offer you a tested Four Phase Methodology which is developed in a 16-hour Workshop [Learn How to Turn Strategy into Action, Workshop], with the team that will lead the change within the company.

The team will learn to identify and map the current situation, to decide, plan and implement with the minimum risk.

Book your 16 hour workshop, to work with your team in Designing and Implementing your Business Strategy into Daily Operation.

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