Performance Management


Performance Management

Is an approach to define, assessing, implementing and continuously refining business strategy. A set of methodologies, frameworks and processes that help organizations formulate their strategy, enabling employees to positively contribute to the company’s objectives.


Balanced Scorecard methodology:

“The problem is, most companies don’t understand that they need to link their measures to their own particular strategy.”

                                                                       Robert Kaplan 


Balanced Scorecard is a management system.

framework for translating strategic objectives into a focused, aligned set of performance measures.

In addition to the financial measures of the past performance, the Balanced Scorecard includes the measures of the drivers of future performance.

The objectives and measures, view organizational performance from four perspectives: 

check 25 Financial
check 25 Customer
check 25 Internal business processes
check 25 Learning and growth

The Balanced Scorecard is a tool for strategy implementation and for employee motivation. Due to its simplification and comprehensive ability, it represents a readily available combination for executives that are willing to invest a significant sum, to achieve quick results in moving the organisation in the desired strategic direction.

The purpose of the Kaplan and Norton Balanced Scorecard is to help organizations implement strategies.


  • The measures are Balanced between:
    Outcome Measures (Results from past)  vs.  Measures that drive future performance
  • The scorecard is Balanced between:
    Objective (quantitative)  vs.  Subjective (qualitative)
  • The scorecard is Balanced between:
    Short term Objectives  vs.  Long term Objectives



  • Gain consensus about strategy
  • Communicate strategy throughout the organization
  • Align departmental and personal goals to the strategy
  • Link strategic objectives to long-term targets
  • Identify and align strategic initiatives
  • Perform systematic strategic reviews
  • Reducing the number of measures
  • Increasing the quality of measures
  • Improving Profitability


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“The problem is, most companies don’t understand that they need to link their measures to their own particular strategy.”
Robert Kaplan
Professor Harvard Business School

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