Processes Improvement


Processes Management & Improvement 


For every Organisation Differentiation from its competitors is built into its Unique Business Processes.

Business processes become a strategic & critical asset and intellectual property. As such must be managed properly.

Managed means that business processes must be recognized, documented, understood and analyzed, before automation.

The mapping and documentation of the business processes in a common and easy to use format (Processes Workflows), is by itself an added value for your organization.


  • Internal Knowledge Sharing
  • Easy for  Business & IT working together
  • A common unified language & methodology for communicating processes for training.
  • Linkage of organization’s strategy to well defined business processes
  • Indicate bottlenecks in the organization’s daily operations
  • Improve what can be measured
  • Easy compliance with ISO,….

Plus an asset for Performance Management.  Qualitative objective setting & Assessment schould be easy:

  • Reducing the number of measures
  • Increasing the quality of measures
We believe:

        ‘ 85% of a workers effectiveness is determined by the system they work  within and only 15% by their own skills’ 

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For every Organisation Differentiation from its competitors is built into its Unique Business Processes.

Need analytic planning, excellent business processes and reliable measurements