Business Transformation: The Critical principles

Business Transformation Principles


  • Thoroughly understand the existing company’s culture and start from there. Starting from   the current cultural environment is a must to avoid alienation.


  • Start at the very top.  If there is no support at the top, all planned transformations will fail.


  • Involve mid-management from the earliest beginnings; they make or break change  journeys.


  • Persuade people not just rationally but also emotionally of the pressing urge to make  changes.


  • Every successful change path starts with behavioral change. If the line’s associates begin to behave differently, the structural change follows spontaneously.


  • Communicate intensely and consistently, and don’t overlook the tiniest successes.


  • Don’t also forget to involve the informal leaders and influencers. Do not underestimate   their power!


  • Customize KPIs and remuneration schemes to the new way of working.


  • Don’t forget to monitor and fine-tune continuously.


Above all, be exceptionally modest. Leaders, women also, produce greater testosterone levels, which helps to decide in critical moments. Still, the drawback is that narcissistic traits can arise, causing the leaders to turn a blind eye to his fellow employee’s good advice.



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