Commercial Planning & Organization


Commercial Planning & Organization


We intervene in the overall operation of the Commercial Department or with emphasis on some of the following issues, to reorganize the structure, roles, tools or policies. Even for training or supporting sales people, we have excellent suitable suggestions for all positions and levels.

Basic condition for us is the adaptation of the optimal theoretical approach to the commercial temperament of each Business.

Starting from mapping the current situation, we formulate an action framework to clarify the business processes, so that the visualization of workflows is always available, at every stage of the work. In this way it is easy to trace all the gray areas in the commercial operation, at all levels: Strategic, Operational, Organizational.

Thus, the following areas of services & tools offered, on the one hand are integrated with homogeneity within the corporate environment and on the other hand are always easily accessible for control over their functionality and efficiency:


Commercial Strategy

  • Environmental Analysis
  • Development of Basic Strategic Options
  • Development of Tactical Options & Action Plans


Objectives Alignment

  • Strategic Marketing Plan
  • Plans of product categories
  • Commercial Channel Plans


Commercial Policy

  • Per Sales Channel
  • Per Customer category
  • Per Product Category


Commercial Dept Organization

  • Organizational Chart & Roles Description
  • Competencies & Skills Analysis
  • Contact planning & Optimization


Commercial Planning  

  • Annual Marketing Plan
  • Annual Sales Plan
  • Account Plans
  • Commercial Reporting Design


For these indicative areas of intervention in the Commercial Department and for more relevant please contact us.


Stamatis Salonikis

We can, intervene in the total operation of Commercial Department or with particular accents in certain from the following subjects, reorganize the roles, the tools or the policies

Need analytic planning, excellent business processes and reliable measurements